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Government Accredited Caregiving Training Centre in Bangladesh

Care Giving Training for Service Holders

We all look for opportunities to do something better in life and do something different in daily living. Care Giving is now a universal demand. To fulfill this demand nationally and internationally, we have to be skilled in it to provide professional services to the elderly or children. As we know the service holders are busy enough to attend our scheduled classes. Therefore we have designed a SATURDAY  base training program so that you can fulfill your expectation of Care Giving training.

be a professional caregiver

Making your future brighter.

caregiving is a nobel profession, unique and sensitive. To be a professional caregiver, you have to be skilled enough to care elderly & children. Enroll now before it's too late.

A Better Place to get training on care giving

Professional Trainer

We have a team of professional trainers who supports you every aspects of Care Giving and to make you competent.

Organised Training Room

We have well equipped training room to train the caregivers according to their needs.

Intensive Training Support

Care organisation or candidates who live outside of Dhaka city will have intensive training support on each course.

Professional Certificate

Each course you complete successfully either online or offline, you will be given a certificate of competency.

Overseas Work Opportunities

After successful completion of our Care Giving training courses, you may work in overseas as a caregiver. (T&C Apply)

Become a Caregiver

Caregiver is noble profession. Get proper training for your family caregiver and make a positive change in lives.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

To build a professional caregiving career in the health and social care sector, you need a professional training space to make it possible. The CTI is here to support you.

We Provides All Facilities For Better Training Environment

We have well equipped and a variety of facilities to keep up continuing our health and social care training courses. Moreover, we have got in-depth theoretical and practical as well as on job training opportunities. Besides, we have group discussion, one to one training, video training, virtual training and patient-based care training opportunities are also available. 

Flexible Private Office
Fully Customise Course
Anything You Need

If you need to discuss more your needs for the training please feel free to contact us.

training package
Friendly Price Package

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Most Affordable Price & Package in the city

Our health and social care training courses are designed on the basis of individual and organisation needs who are involved in the caregiving industry. We also offer bespoke training for particular care provider organisations. As we have aimed to support the mass of people who are interested in the caregiving profession, we are now offering virtual training in terms of theoritical context.